To welcome the new season with open arms, why not spring clean your exercise routine? Whether it’s via incorporating a new fitness class into your weekly schedule or investing in a tech accessory to motivate yourself, Crunch Fitness has listed its top five tips to kick-starting your spring fitness routine – and summer body!


Step out of our comfort zone and into a fresh approach to old-school aerobics, with Crunch Fitness’ STEP class. You’ll experience a combination of physical movements, cognitive thinking and heart-pumping music that ultimately creates a muscle-shaping, calorie-busting workout – an approximation of 400-800 calories to be burned!


You may hear gym-enthusiasts say that they hit their PB; basically they’ve set a personal goal and achieved it through consistent self-motivation and determination. A great way to help keep yourself on track and accountable is to train with a friend. The Crunch Fitness Peak and Summit memberships allow you to bring a friend to train for free, every single time.


Learning about nutrition and sustenance will help you optimise your time in the gym. The best way to do this – aside from your own research – is to engage with a Personal Trainer. Crunch Fitness’ Personal Trainers take pride in their wealth of knowledge and can guide you along your fitness journey, giving advice on when and what to eat pre- and post-workout. For example, a recommendation is to add potassium-rich foods such as leafy greens into your post-workout meal – this will help fight muscle fatigue and stimulate muscle synthesis.


Taking a holistic approach to your overall health is imperative. It goes beyond the means of physically working out in a gym with an emphasis on connecting the mind, body and spirit. Crunch Fitness strongly suggests incorporating rest and recovery into your routine, whether it’s via stretching, meditation or you can even treat yourself to a sauna or hydromassage session inside the gym. This will also give your muscles the chance to grow!


Crunch Fitness encourages members to enter its Cook Islands Getaway competition – perfect timing to escape any remaining winter chill and kick-start your spring motivation! The lucky winner will receive 2 x return airfares with 6-nights accommodation at Vai Villas, and the opportunity to indulge in a relaxing spa treatment for two (valued at $5,000). Entries close 31 August 2019 – for further information click here.