ElliptiGO outdoor stand-up bikes are being used for a more time efficient and effective way of exercising while Level 3 Restrictions are extended.

ElliptiGO Experiences, Australia and New Zealand distributor of the world leader in stand-up cycling ElliptiGO, announced today they have seen a major spike in demand for outdoor stand-up bikes that are being used for a more time efficient and effective way of exercising while The State Of Emergency and Level 3 Restrictions are extended.

The current policies put in place by the Government have led general fitness enthusiasts, runners and cyclists to take action and embrace the new cycling category.

Monika Alston, Founder of ElliptiGO Experiences, said:

“Right now, men and women aged between late 30s to early 70s are taking advantage of stand-up bikes to get outdoors, have fun and get a better total body workout in a shorter amount of time.”

“We are excited to see the increasing number of people using the ElliptiGO for cross training, injury rehab and recreation, knowing that it means we have positively impacted their physical and mental health.”

In 2018, ElliptiGO Experiences took Chiropractor Joe Kuriel, Owner of Eat Play Thrive, and his team through a Continuing Professional Development session were he shared his first experience of the ElliptiGO.

Joe said:

“We discovered how easy it is to get on and use, if you’ve ever been on bicycle it’s a similar balance to that, in fact can be easier as it is a similar movement to walking just without the impact.”

“The team and I have found it is a great tool to be able to decrease the load on the joints throughout the body which tend to get hammered a lot with hard walking orhigh impact running.”

Amongst many Athletes, Australian Olympian Genevieve LaCaze uses the ElliptiGO to assist her rehabilitation when injured stating:

“It gives you that huge aerobic base without having to kill your body to get there”, the main benefit being, “The strength that it gives your legs without the pounding”.

Dr Henry Tramer, 68 years young, has issues with insufficient blood circulation in the legs causing pain when walking. He owns an 11R ElliptiGO and states:

“When riding the ElliptiGO I have no discomfort, so I can enjoy maintaining my fitness and recreational riding outdoors. Not getting saddle sore is a bonus!”

ElliptiGO’s line of bicycles spans three product families, with a total of six bikes to choose from; the Long Stride, Compact Stride and Stand-Up Bike. Each offer a distinctive riding experience, but the benefits of stand-up cycling can be found in all models.

For more information call Monika on +61 407 799 751 or email go@elliptigoexperiences.com.

About ElliptiGO Experiences

ElliptiGO Experiences is Australia and New Zealand’s main distributor of the pioneer and world leader in stand up cycling ElliptiGO. ElliptiGO Experiences launched in 2017 offering a variety of services to the public to experience the ElliptiGO, including becoming the first Bike Tour Operators for the City of Port Phillip in 2018. Since 23 March 2020 they have ceased Bike Tours in accordance with the Federal Government COVID-19 guidelines. ElliptiGO Experiences continues to distribute online ElliptiGO bikes to customers across the nation providing a fun and unique way to exercise. Click here for a visual reference of the ElliptiGO.