Subaclass 2.0 launches with new features to provide ‘painkiller’ solution for headache of finding group fitness cover instructors

Subaclass, a platform designed to connect instructors and facilities with substitute instructors for their group fitness classes, today announced the release of version 2.0 of the app.

The update of the app sees the release of a multitude of features designed to enhance the ability to network with other instructors and create an efficient, safeguarded way to find quality cover instructors.

“I was at the IDEAfit convention in the US in 2017 and was getting message after message from instructors looking for Piloxing class covers, and I just remember thinking to myself that there had to be a better way to help them,” says Deborah Goldberg, co-founder and developer of the app.”

“I realised that it wasn’t just about finding a substitute to take the class when an instructor was sick or their child had a school event that they wanted to attend. It was about helping them to know that they were leaving their class in the hands of someone who would take care of their members and create a great experience in their absence.”

In version 2.0, Subaclass users can post classes they need covered, times they’re available to cover, and also share detailed instructor information such as qualifications, insurance, and, importantly, ratings and reviews from other users. Users can also filter the information they want to see so that they’re being notified only on the things that are most relevant to them – the specific classes they want to cover, in the specific location, at specific times. A move to a monthly subscription model, via in-app purchases, allows users to unlock full access to the new features provided by the service.

“When we talk to instructors and group fitness managers regarding their biggest headache, it’s undoubtedly the time spent finding quality subs. We wanted to provide a way to pre-qualify or pre-screen substitutes which allows group fitness managers and instructors to spend their time focusing on any of the other important tasks that they need to get through in a day. We’re being told that what we do is helping to take a big weight off people’s shoulders,” says Micah Franks, co-founder of Subaclass.

Version 2.0 of the app is available now on the Apple Store & Google Play

For more information on Subaclass, visit or contact:
Deborah Goldberg +61 421 328 983