Technogym, the world-leading producer of design and technology-driven fitness equipment, is excited to announce the launch of the sleek new SKILLTOOLSTM range. This selection of carefully crafted fitness tools were conceived from the SKILLATHLETIC TRAINING method, designed to improve performance and abilities.

SKILLTOOLS have been conceived to support and refine every kind of exercise, with the line-up giving users a wide variety of workout combinations that enable them to enhance their workout at every stage of their session, from warm up to cool down. The SKILLTOOLS range covers three categories of movement – mobility, stability and speed.


Mobility plays a key role in ensuring the body moves effectively. Technogym SKILLTOOLS are designed to improve the fluidity of movement while lessening the risk of injury during training. Key products in the range include:

  • Foam Roller – features variable stiffness to relieve muscle tension in a personalised way. The foam is firmer in the centre and softer at the edges.
  • Mobility Stick – a dual-purpose training tool, which can be used as a stretching and strength training aid. With the length and markings of a standard barbell, it can also be used to practice weightlifting techniques.
  • Power Bands – facilitates stretching and mobility, as well as providing additional resistance for other exercises. Six bands of varying resistance are available.


Stability is an essential part of any training program as it boosts core strength and helps to train muscle groups which are often neglected, resulting in improved balance, stability and all-round athletic performance:

  • Balance Dome – with a specially designed textured surface for improved grip and two handles for exercises, the Balance Dome helps users develop their stability and coordination.
  • Balance Pad – suitable for users of every level, the pad helps to improve balance and stability.
  • Wellness Ball – designed with a difference in weight between the top and bottom of the Wellness Ball to provide an additional stability challenge and to help build a solid core.


Power and strength are crucial abilities for any user who aspires to be more athletic and streamlined in their daily performance. Technogym SKILLTOOLS are designed to help the user channel these disciplines and build towards their power goals:

  • Slam Ball – carefully designed with special indents to increase grip during training across 5kg, 8kg, 10kg, 12kg, 15kg and 20kg weights.
  • Medicine Ball – with a double stitched design for increased durability and an evenly distributed balanced weight, the Medicine Ball provides training with 4kg, 6kg, 9kg, 11kg and 13kg weights.


Improving speed and refining agility is a key goal for many fitness-minded individuals. With this in mind, SKILLTOOLS have been specifically crafted to have the ability to be incorporated into either a sport-specific performance program or everyday training:

  • Jump Rope – created with textured handles for improved grip and with ball bearing movement for effective rope rotation, the Jump Rope helps build metabolic conditioning and hand-to-eye co-ordination. Available in black, yellow and grey.
  • Speed Ladder – the 3-metre ladder features a patented design with anti-slip rungs to help users improve their speed and coordination.
  • Cones – available in yellow and grey, the Cones help to test agility and quickness along with the ability to change direction.

SKILLTOOLS are available for purchase as a pre-made kit or separately for individuals to create their own bespoke set, alongside a storage kit and universal storage rack to keep workout areas clean and organised.

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