As Governments in many countries are easing lockdown restrictions, fitness facilities are getting ready to re-open and welcome back customers.

After the pandemic, health has certainly risen to the top of the list of consumers personal priorities, especially after so many weeks of lockdown.  Now more than ever the importance of  movement and exercise, with the support and motivation of fitness professionals, will be in high demand.

The current time has also given a strong acceleration to the digital revolution in all sectors.. During lockdown fitness facilities connected with consumers using Technogym’s Mywellness  platform  by  engaging and coaching them and offering training experiences and support services, at home, digitally. In the re-opening phase technology will continue to play a key role to help operators both to offer engaging experiences and a safe environment. Social distancing will represent a key consideration for clubs to be compliant to local regulations as well as protect members whilst training..

Partnering with Technogym at this current time will ensure you have comprehensive re-opening strategy, Mywellness is introducing brand new features for booking facilities services such as gym floor, classes, swimming pool.. Members will be able to easily book, from home or while travelling to the club, their preferred training spot. This will streamline reception operations and ensure member a seamless customer experience, creating confidence to customers at the same time.

When it comes to classes Mywellness plays a key role in group training in a safe and engaging environment by introducing spot booking: every user can safely workout on their own spot visually highlighted my markers or accessories. In addition, thanks to the Teambeats, Technogym’s class and HR monitoring platform,the trainer that can safely guide and motivate members thanks to the visual workout data that are displayed on the large screen.

Club layout and social distancing will be another key topic for operators to ensure social distancing. On this respect, Biocircuit – Technogym’s circuit training format that automatically sets up equipment, workload, pace and rest time for each single user – represents an ideal solution to ensure  the required social distancing between users.

To discover more about Mywellness and how Technogym can assist your re-opening plans and strategy across a range of areas including digital consultancy, cleaning & maintenance, interior design, training & education and marketing support go to and contact us for customised support.