Inaugurated on Saturday August 1st on Rimini’s new seafront, in the presence of Pierluigi Alessandri, Vice President of Technogym, and the Mayor of Rimini Andrea Gnassi, the first Technogym Outdoor island, Technogym’s innovative solution for outdoor fitness activities.

This is the world premiere of the concept designed and created by Technogym for public spaces: a training experience for outdoor physical exercise. Total safety to users of all ages and fitness levels. Each island has been designed to maximize the space available for exercise and to offer users a wide choice of possible exercises, thanks to the QR code that allows users to access from their smartphone to a digital library with exercises and training programs suitable for users with different profiles and goals.The structure has been conceived with long-lasting materials such as stainless steel, aluminium and cement which guarantee long durability, reparability, recycling and high protection against wear and tear from heavy use and erosion by environmental agents and marine environment.

This initiative is part of the wide Wellness Valley project, the vision of Nerio Alessandri, Founder and CEO of Technogym, which aims to create in Romagna the first district of wellness and quality of life in the world, with positive impacts on the territory both from the economic and tourist point of view and from a health and social side.

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