Chef Good and F45 have joined forces to help the nation get healthy!

Typically, new year’s resolutions are around diet and exercise – with most failing by February – unfortunately.

F45 and CHEF GOOD have combined both solutions – and their 8-week Challenge collectively has Aussie’s shedding kilos and improving their health.

F45 designed an 8-week fitness challenge, which has 50% increase success when combined with the Chef Good meals.

CHEF GOOD ( meals offer 1,200 to 1,800 calories per week, suggesting a 1kg weight loss result per week, without the training component.

From just $79, you receive 5 lunches or dinner orders can be delivered.

Meet Emma Notarfranseco

“I’ve been training with F45 for two years and couldn’t think of any other way to train now.  The culture, the trainers and the exercising is something very different hence the attraction; and because I’m part of the furniture, they signed me on as an ambassador!

Chef Good was a saviour during the challenge! Having your meals prepared and delivered is a dream, especially for a busy working woman! It definitely keeps you motivated and teaches you with portion sizes so you don’t overeat – eating is a major part of trying to lose weight and /or tone. You can work out as much as you want but if you’re not eating right not much will change.

I loved knowing on a Sunday all my food was conveniently delivered to my door and I would be sorted for the week. It was actually cheaper than my weekly supermarket shop.”