ZADI is a boutique fitness studio created and founded by a woman for women!

ZADI is one of the first boutique studios to offer combination HIIT strength programs with effective metabolic circuit training series that is designed exclusively for women by exercise and backed by exercise science. By specifically targeting female specific goals and desired results, ZADI doubles down on giving women what they want as well as what they need in a workout. The FIIT principle which stands for Frequency, Intensity, Time & Type is the corner stone of all ZADI workouts. We are also extremely indicating in ensuring balanced movement patterns are being performed by our participants to increase gains and eliminate risk of injury. These workouts are literally like a personal training session each and every time but without the price tag, delivered in small groups of likeminded women.

ZADI is unique in its approach to motivation in women. Designed to encourage women to be their baddest  best selves in and out of the gym. Our ZADI community is created to empower not only themselves but each other amongst their classes. Founder Adala Bolto was originally a franchisee owner of a common fitness change when she had the idea to create a concept specifically for women and female empowerment which speaks the same language and really gets its community!

The vibe at ZADI is comparable with a girls night out whilst working towards a happier healthier lifestyle.  Research shows that Millennials often select activities that provide them a unique experience – which was kept at the core of the ZADI concept. ZADI opened a nightclub concept styled boutique fitness studio that offers serious results for women along with the fun and energetic atmosphere of loud music, strobe lights and great company.

ZADI laid its foundations and ensured they remained consistent with their unique brand messaging, images and language and customer focused culture. They stuck to their core beliefs and promoted their unique selling points across some fun and interactive marking and influencer programs.

From its creation, ZADI was designed to adopt a franchise model which has now expanded by securing over 14 different locations in New South Wales including Neutral Bay, Surry Hills and Breakfast Point, with many more opening in 2022.

Written by Adala Bolto