Save the date! BFT Unlocked is happening worldwide on September 10, 2022. For one day only, you can try the workout the world is talking about for free!

On Saturday September 10, BFT will be opening it’s doors to any and every body in their first ever APAC open day to celebrate the success of the brand globally, their community and of course, to welcome new people in to try the workout the world has been talking about!

BFT Unlocked will be taking place at 200+ studios (except in North America). They will also be celebrating their new partnership with major international sporting brand PUMA with guests being able to claim 20% off PUMA apparel and footwear on the day. PUMA’s most exciting athletes will also be attending some of the studios in which they are local. 

Designed for everday people to train with the same principles as elite athletes, BFT was founded in Melbourne in 2017 by Cameron Falloon who is a former strength and conditioning coach for major international soccer and local AFL teams. The brand didn’t take long to build a following and can now be found all over Australia, NZ, Singapore and soon in the UK. They also have some famous sporting names on their franchisees list!BFT has also made a strong footprint into the US and Canadian markets by securing a big cash deal with Xponential Fitness in the US who will be growing the business there while the APAC team focuses on the APAC region, UK and EU.

What to expect? 

One of BFT’s most popular programs – SHRED – which combines the best of both worlds with half cardio, half strength and resistance training. Studios will be putting on a show with their local businesses and member community, and the vibes will be high! 

BFT 8- week progressive block will generally offer 13 different programs which run for 50min sessions, and are programmed to progress, ensuring members get results while utilising scientifically proven training techniques aimed to reduce fat and create lean muscle.

To book a class contact your local studio, or download the BFT Booking App and get yourself a BFT Unlocked Pass.