Are you an Instructor looking to grow your class numbers? Follow these two simple steps for success.

Are you an Instructor looking to grow your class numbers? Follow these two simple steps for success.

Step 1. Know why people return to your class

Les Mills Masterclass Presenter Bevan James Eyles says:

“For most of us, our group fitness teaching is absorbed through our own experience. Sure, we think about our participants but it’s through our own eyes. How often do you actually think about what it’s like to be a person in your class? Consider:

  • What’s it like to be a participant before your class starts?
  • How do the participants experience your connection, motivation, coaching?
  • How do people feel about themselves in your class?
  • What do they walk away from your class thinking?

The list of questions could go on!”

One of the most powerful ways to explore this way of thinking is to identify different types of people and then reflect upon their experience. For example, imagine a brand-new person who has never tried a group fitness class before; they may be a little bit insecure around exercise and may be a little overweight. What is their experience during your class? What about the person who’s a regular and has been coming for years, who is fit and confident with their level of fitness? You could even look at personality traits such as shy versus outgoing. Once you’ve identified what the ultimate experience could be for your participants, you can then determine how to create this.

Step 2. Make your classes fun!

Suli Tuitaupe is a legend at Les Mills Christchurch, and he was also the recipient of the 2021 Community Instructor of the Year Award from the New Zealand Exercise Industry. Why? Because he’s all about making people feel good.

Les Mills International Training Director Maureen Baker confirms:

“His classes are literally a party with friends, and this is often at 6am!”

Suli says:

“It has to be FUN! I love connecting my members to the workout, the music, the sense of community with each other, putting a smile on their faces. I create a party atmosphere and I love themed classes, so I give each class I teach a party name: Party PUMP Tuesday, Wicked Wednesday RPM®, Church of Attack Sunday. I teach Christmas classes too, to share some cheer with those who may not have anyone to share the day with.”

He continues:

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a hardcore regular or a new member: my commitment is that you will be acknowledged, whether there’s one person or 111 people in the room, and I’ll aim to deliver your best workout yet. I want my members walking out feeling satisfied, buzzing and ready to face the day ahead.”

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