UBX announces plans to open at least 145 gyms in Japan through strategic partnership with Prova Group.

UBX Boxing + Strength, the world-class boutique fitness brand co-founded in Australia has signed a Master Franchise Agreement in Japan with Prova Group.

This agreement, signed by Tim West, Co-founder and Managing Director of UBX, provides Prova Group with the opportunity to license a minimum of 145 new studios over the next 10 years, as the company looks to expand its footprint in the strategically important Japanese market. The first studio is scheduled to open in Tokyo in the fall of 2023.

UBX opened its first club in Australia in 2016 and has grown to a 90 club network in under six years, it is also co-founded by four-time boxing world champion, Danny Green.

Tim West said:

“We chose Prova Group because of their commitment to providing a world-class boxing and strength experience to their members, and the alignment of our mission, vision and values within their philosophy to put local communities, customers and employees’ satisfaction at the forefront of our efforts.”

“Japan is an important next market for UBX due to its strong interest in boxing, longstanding affinity with martial arts, and long list of world champions including former P4P #1 boxer Naoya Inoue. As seen globally, consumer interest and participation often follows professional success in sport.”

Michael Jordan, CEO of UBX feels confident that it will be well-received by the Japanese market. With over 90 boutique gyms across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, and more than 400 new gyms contracted to open across Japan, the United Kingdom, Ireland and the United States, the brand is on track to achieving their vision of becoming the world’s largest boxing community.

Prova Group is committed to enriching the lives of Japanese people through a focus on local community, customer and employee satisfaction. This partnership with UBX will bring their unique boxing and strength workout to more people looking to improve their health and fitness.

Naoki Hiramoto, CEO of Prova Group said:

“We are excited to bring UBX’s unique blend of boxing and strength training to Japan. UBX’s approach aligns perfectly with our mission to enrich people’s lives and we are confident that it will be a huge success in the Japanese market.”

Boxing with a Difference

Tim recognised that in spite of the popularity of boxing as an integrated element of the mainstream fitness environment, no one had developed a product that combined the benefits of a science-based strength program with authentic boxing conditioning.

Tim’s early research suggested that consumers were intimidated by the pure boxing experience where the ultimate outcome is to step into the ring. He, therefore, determined to develop a concept of non-contact boxing and functional strength training that could attract people of all ages and abilities in a group environment.

Building upon his experience as a successful fitness franchisee and deploying revenue from the sale of his software company, Tim approached Danny Green (4 times world boxing champion). Danny embraced the concept stating, “This is the way I trained throughout my entire career” and invested in the company as co-founder. Danny currently advises on all boxing content, equipment design and programming in the ever-changing workouts.

Today, UBX delivers a unique mix of boxing and strength training across a 12-round circuit, and aims to give everyone the opportunity to train like a boxer. With an unrivalled level of flexibility, UBX is everything a traditional gym is not: fun, flexible, addictive and inclusive. The company’s goal is to become the first place people think of when they think of boxing by making it more accessible to everyone.

UBX has become the fastest-growing boxing and strength provider in the world.

About Prova Group


The Prova Group strives to provide their customers with a “pleasant time and space” and “excitement”, through products and services that encourage the gathering of people with authentic and organic connection, and that fulfill their mission to create joy.

Their corporate philosophy focuses on “community”, “customers” and “employees” as the key vectors towards providing complete satisfaction. And this is manifested in various forms throughout all of the Prova Group’s business development.

  • The Prova Group was established in 1963
  • Vast business portfolio spanning hospitality, entertainment, health, lifestyle andwellness products and services, and also insurance and human resources