The Northern Territory Government has provided direct confirmation and clarification to Fitness Australia on filming of workout videos in studios.

Whilst Fitness Australia continues to seek confirmation from each State-based authority on filming of workout videos in studios, the Northern Territory Government has provided direct confirmation and clarification to Fitness Australia:

Direction 20 Directions to close public places, services and activities: 

5) A person must not organise or participate in a sporting activity engaged in by more than 2 people, unless the persons ordinarily reside together in the same residence.

11) To avoid doubt, these Directions do not prohibit any service or activity provided or conducted electronically or online. For example a physical trainer may conduct online training sessions from a gymnasium.

Please note that in the Northern Territory the Chief Health Officer Directions are being reviewed and updated daily and may change:

Police have general powers to request information to investigate where they believe an offence is or has been committed. These powers include but are not limited to establishing identification and issuing move on orders. In this instance, proof that they are employees of the Gym may be requested.

Following Monday 23rd March closure of gyms, thousands of Australians have turned to online personal training, live streaming of classes and fitness videos to ensure they can continue to exercise in the safety of their own home during COVID-19.

Fitness Australia suggests that business owners and personal trainers consider the following when moving their workouts to online virtual training:

  • Contact your insurance provider, if your provider is Guild Insurance, you can reach them on 1800 810 213.
  • Read our recommendations on what to consider when you move to online virtual training.
  • If you’re unsure of local rules that may apply to your business, reach out to your local Police Station and Council.

Read Fitness Australia’s statement: Industry calls for State Premiers to exercise common sense when it comes to filming online training