The ultimate innovation in resistance training has been created right here in Australia.

Virtual fitness classes are one of the hottest trends to come out of the fitness industry in recent years. While Covid-19 saw a huge rise in studios and gyms making their way online, the trend has been making waves, especially in the US with the launch of innovative companies such as Mirror and Peloton.

But there is a new player in the game and they have developed the ultimate system for individuals who love tech, sophisticated training and measuring systems to ensure they get results.

Enter Vitruvian FORM, the ultimate in innovation when it comes to resistance training technology.

Vitruvian FORM was developed by a high-frequency trader and physicist Jon Gregory out of Perth, Australia. An expert who writes algorithms for financial markets, in his downtime Jon would train weights. While doing so, he developed an algorithm on weight training which has led to the creation of the ultimate smart device.

Vitruvian FORM is a sophisticated device that learns from the user and adapts to how you are lifting. It remembers what you were lifting last time and records it so it is ready to go the next time you want to work out.

It is also intuitive in that if you want to change the load on your Vitruvian FORM device all you have to do is pause. If you want no load on your concentric movement, for example, pause at the bottom of your rep and it will reduce the load. If you want load on the eccentric movement, pause your weight at the top of the movement and the load will go back on.

The device automatically knows if it needs to reduce the load or add more load to the weight when you are working out. It adapts to how you are lifting and changes during your rep as needed as well. It is very effective, simple and intuitive so I don’t waste time changing weights or settings.

Vitruvian FORM also ensures that you get a good workout and minimises the risk of you slacking off which is something many people struggle with when working out from home without the supervision of a coach or other eyes on you in the gym