World-first Pilates studio opens in Sydney, fusing state-of-the art lighting, sound and design, to create a fitness experience like no other.

Transforming 100 years of exercise physiology into a complete sensory experience, Vive Active has opened its first Pilates studio in Sydney, fusing reformer Pilates with state-of-the-art lighting, sound and design to create the ultimate group fitness experience for both men and women.

Founded by the man once dubbed as ‘Australia’s Fittest Athlete’[1], World Champion Ironman, Guy Leech, and business partner, John Keats, Vive Active is now open at Westfield Warringah Mall, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, with free trial classes available throughout the opening period.

Decked out with 20 top-of-the line reformer machines, and boasting some of the most passionate, professional and qualified reformer Pilates instructors in the industry, Vive Active promises to deliver an incredible Pilates experience for each and every client.

“Think invigorating playlists, energising sound and uplifting lighting,” says Leech. “The result is an inspired group exercise experience not seen before in the world of Pilates.”

Offering up to 10 reformer Pilates classes per day, including 50 minute Vive Essential and Vive Stretch classes, each full-body, functional workout caters to all fitness levels, as participants can adjust their resistance according to their level of fitness and ability.

After decades of being highly active, Leech, now in his early 50s, was drawn to the discipline of reformer Pilates in 2015, to counteract back pain and general wear and tear on his body. After just two weeks of attending classes, Leech was amazed by the results he experienced, but felt something missing.

“I’ve got a pretty short attention span and while I loved the results I was getting, to be honest, I found it a bit boring,” said Leech. “Over the next two years, I attended literally hundreds of classes, but many of the studios I attended felt cold and clinical, and the music was often uninspiring or all-together non-existent. I wanted to find a way to make this time-honoured exercise tradition exciting and fun for the customer,” he said. “So I approached the best architects, lighting and sound designers and asked them to build me, quite simply, the best Pilates studio in the world.”

While Vive Active classes provide highly effective workouts on their own, the classes are also designed to complement other fitness activities. “We know that reformer Pilates is an excellent supplement to pretty much every other sport or fitness pursuit, as it increases flexibility, builds strength and protects the body from injury,” said Leech.  “We want our members to be able to get out there and enjoy other activities too,” he added. As a result, Vive Active’s membership model is not based on lock-in contracts. Instead, classes can be purchased singularly, or in bulk value packs.

With prices starting from $17.95[2] per class, to attend, members simply book online at or via mobile, using the Vive Active app.


[1] Australian Institute of Sport, 1993

[2] Based on a monthly value pack of 20 classes