We all want more sales, but the fact is we need more leads – learn what to do in this free webinar.

During this session you will learn how to turn marketing qualified enquiries from your digital campaigns into paying members. This session will provide you with a framework to connect with more inbound enquiries, have deeper conversations that get to the intrinsic motivator of why people buy and flip the focus of the conversation from price.

This session will help you increase your overall sales conversions and reduce your cost to acquire new members.

The Presenter: Luigi Prestinenzi

Luigi is highly regarded within the Learning and Development industry for leading major transformation projects with some of Australia’s most respected companies. Through his years in the industry, Luigi has built strong capability in sales with a focus on sales enablement and in 2013 founded Sales IQ to assist organisations build effective go to market strategies and sales development solutions.  Having led both B2B and B2C sales workforces utilizing omni-channel acquisition, Luigi has coached, managed and motivated hundreds of sales professionals to achieve outstanding results.

Luigi’s latest endeavor producing the Sales IQ Podcast focusing solely on sales and professional development, has allowed him to create relationships and build a fantastic network with sales leaders throughout the world.


  • Friday 16 July @ 8:45am (AEST)
  • Thursday 15 July @ 6:45pm (US EST)

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