Wexer’s new content partnership with Daily Burn makes the world-renowned programs available on both the in-club Wexer Virtual platform and the Wexer Web Player.

Daily Burn has partnered with Wexer!

That means its world-class programmes – from classics such as Black Fire and Inferno to Daily Burn 365 workouts of the day – are now available on both the in-club Wexer Virtual platform and the ‘any time, anywhere, any connected device’ Wexer Web Player.

In turn, this means Daily Burn fans can now take part in their favourite workouts both in- and out-of-club, as well as enjoying the hundreds of other classes already available through the Wexer on-demand library.

Daily Burn’s Black Fire with Bob Harper – a 60-day transformation programme designed to push your body to its peak – and the short, sharp, high-intensity Inferno with Anja Garcia have gained legions of fans around the world.

But there’s more to Daily Burn than literally feeling the burn, with the workouts now available on the Wexer ecosystem also embracing activities such as dance, yoga, low-impact strength circuits and mobility, all designed to appeal to varying levels of fitness and experience.

Vice President, Business Development and Partnerships at Daily Burn, said:

“With millions of customers around the world already, we choose our partners very carefully. Partnering with Wexer means partnering with a market leader whose platform and content is second to none. We are excited to be working together to bring Daily Burn to an even wider global audience.”

Wexer’s content and partnerships manager Morten Andersen, confirmed:

“Wexer prides itself on partnering with the very best content providers around the world, so we’re absolutely delighted to welcome Daily Burn to our platform. These exciting, results-focused, superbly produced classes are guaranteed to be a hit with clubs and end users alike.”

For more information about Daily Burn please contact us at info@wexer.com