Before You Speak Coffee is on a simple mission: to help you get more out of each day.

These guys believe life is for living, and a day without coffee is like… actually they have no idea!

Before You Speak are transforming the functional coffee space, bringing you premium instant coffee blends to help improve health, wellbeing and performance. By infusing their coffee with superfoods, you get more out of each cup!

They will keep you caffeinated, so that you can focus on getting sh*t done.

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PLUS to keep your caffeine fixes coming in fresh and fun new ways, here’s one more way to enjoy your coffee, thanks to @betterbeingsteph


So I recently made a pact to only drink one coffee a day, but I made no promises about eating coffee!

These DIY quest bars are SO FUDGY, rich in a chocolate-coffee flavour and packed full of wholesome, nutrient dense ingredients. They’re the ultimate ‘pick me up’ and a delicious way to disguise your coffee addiction!


  •  2 sachets ONE OG coffee
  •  59g chocolate protein powder of your choice
  •  50g runny nut butter
  •  20g coconut flour
  •  50ml almond milk
  •  20g dark chocolate, cut into chunks
  •  1 tsp natural sweetener


1. In a mixing bowl, add your dry ingredients and stir to combine.

2. Pour in the almond milk and nut butter, and continue stirring.

3. Fold through the chocolate chunks.

4. Using your hands, start to mould the mixture into a dough, and roll flat onto a piece of baking paper.

5. Place your your protein dough in the freezer to set for up to an hour, before cutting into 6 bars. Keep chilled.

Serves: 6