The Platform is a highly coveted opportunity that is rarely available at industry-leading conferences, but the Women’s Health and Fitness Summit (WHFS18) prides itself on integrating original ideas and unique opportunities year upon year, and The Platform is the epitome of innovation.

The Platform is an annual opportunity for four individuals to gain the extensive and tailored training and experience required, for them to consider joining the professional speaking circuit in the future. Fitness professionals, allied health professionals and the general public are invited to apply for The Platform, and this year applications arrived from all corners of the globe, showcasing all range of expertise in health, fitness and wellbeing.

After a great deal of deliberation, four health professionals were selected, all of whom share a genuine passion for and commitment to improving the lives of others.

The WHFS18 organisers are proud to announce that the keynote speakers of the future are…


Lulu is a Sydney-based fitness and lifestyle coach, and the creator of MindBodyMojo. Lulu was drawn to the fitness industry through her previous career in mental health, where she specialised in eating disorders and the links between a healthy mind and a healthy body. Lulu is passionate about helping people overcome their fears around both food and fitness.


Lauren is a Melbourne-based personal trainer, Pilates instructor, wife and mother to three precious boys, and she is passionate about ensuring safe exercise for post-natal women. Having experienced stillbirth herself in 2009, Lauren is committed to supporting women in their safe return to exercise after experiencing loss during any stage of pregnancy.


Fiona is a women’s health and well-BEing coach who empowers and educates her clients to reconnect with their inner strength and identity. While creating a healthy mindset, balanced nutrition and daily movement habits, Fiona provides a no B.S approach that is carefully teamed with love, nurturing and accountability, to ensure all clients have fun throughout the journey.


Lauren is a qualified sexologist who assists her many satisfied clients to drop the anxiety and reinvigorate their sexual power in their intimate lives. Through her one-on-one sessions, writing and online classes, Lauren helps women to overcome their physical and psychological blocks to enable them to liberate their libidos for sex and life.

Each of these highly accomplished and determined individuals are now officially on the path to making their speaking debut at the WHFS18, which is being held at the Grand Hyatt on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th November in Melbourne.

To remain updated as to the progress of our speakers-in-training, to learn more about the WHFS18, or to buy tickets to attend, visit

About The Platform 

The Platform is an integral part of the Women’s Health and Fitness Summit, and an annual opportunity for four individuals to master the skills to become a professional and in-demand presenter. The selected winners each receive an unrivalled training package, including six months of one-on-one mentoring. The complete package is specifically designed to ensure the selected individuals learn the skills, tools and techniques to deliver a professional, informative and inspiring presentation, with unwavering confidence. The Platform prize package culminates at the Women’s Health and Fitness Summit, where each presenter will deliver a 20-minute presentation that is polished to the point where they require no notes to follow, and they feel no desire to hide behind a lectern.

About WHFS18

The Women’s Health and Fitness Summit was born out of a desire to provide a supportive and engaging environment to explore what women’s health and fitness means, and how it can better benefit all those involved, in whatever role. To foster an essential, global conversation that will define and mould the future of the industry. The event brings together thought leaders in fitness, exercise physiology, physiotherapy and allied health, and individuals who embrace change with regards to how they holistically care for their clients, themselves and their business. Founded in 2014 from a vision by Michelle Wright (Mish) –the WHFS has more heart than your average health and fitness conference, with an abundance of extras that are designed to surprise and delight attendees.

More information can be obtained by contacting the Founder and Organiser of WHFS18, Mish Wright, or phone 0418 592 539.