Australian-invented, BODIE’z Protein water goes global.

Young Australian inventor Bodie Lazar is taking his unique, health drinks global after Chemist Warehouse has ranged BODIE’z Protein Water nationally this week and ALDI Victoria is now stocking the BODIE’z Lifestyle range.

With many saying my clear Protein Water could be the healthiest drink in the world, what I am sure of is that it is definitely revolutionary in the functional drink category,” said Bodie Lazar, founder and creator of BODIE’z.

Functional drinks include health benefits for the consumer and it‘s one of the fastest growing beverage categories in the world. This protein rich water based drink may be set to lead the way. Bodie Lazar believes global sports drink manufacturers are flooding supermarkets, gyms and health food stores with products that are disguised as natural and healthy – where in fact; they are high in sugar, artificial sweeteners and preservatives.

BODIE’z Protein Water – an Australian and world first, four-in-one clear protein drink – contains equivalent amounts of the highest grade whey protein isolate (WPI) found in a typical protein shake, the vitamins found in a vitamin drink, the electrolytes of a hydration drink and high levels of un-fractured (purest) branched chain amino acids (BCAAs).

“It’s a hydrating, all-in-one replenishment and a healthy refreshing alternative for anyone looking to ditch sugary sport drinks masked as a healthier option. BODIE’z increases daily protein intake which is vital for those with busy, active lifestyles and when working out,” Bodie said. “It’s clear, packed with protein, light on the stomach, tastes sensational and the 15g protein range is cheaper than cup of coffee.”

Bodie explained on the eve of his departure to Asia and Europe for meetings with several of the world’s leading grocery chains and drinks distributors.

“My drinks have less than a gram of sugar, fat and carbs. They have no preservatives and no artificial colours, flavours, or sweeteners” Bodie said. “I saw a gap in the market and I am focused on giving Australians the highest quality functional drink and it’s produced here in our own backyard – now I’m going to take it global.”

This innovative clear protein water already has the support of leading health and fitness professionals, such as paramedic and personal-trainer to the stars Duncan Kerr, whose celebrity clients include Michael Clarke and The Wiggles.

“BODIE’z Protein Water offers an instant health kick in a bottle, which is set to revolutionise the sports and lifestyle drinks market. Importantly it is ideal to drink during exercise. You don’t get insulin spiking or any of the unpleasant side effects associated with other sports and rehydration drinks,” Duncan says.

Accredited Practising Dietician Claudia Jahjah emphasises the wide-ranging benefits of BODIE’z, which caters for everyone looking for a healthier lifestyle. “BODIE’z great product to use and this new drink offers not only hydration but is also a good source of protein, and is light on the stomach because the lactose and fat have been removed.

Dr Brendan Ryan, Director and Surgeon at Sydney Bariatric Clinic, also endorses BODIE’z, saying:

“This product is ideal for people who have undergone weight loss surgery and need a high quality protein drink that’s not heavy and tastes great.”

Following the successful national special buy of the product through ALDI in May 2017, the 15g WPI BODIE’z Lifestyle range in berry and lemon/lime flavours are now available in ALDI supermarkets throughout Victoria.

BODIE’z Lifestyle range is ideal for anyone looking for a healthier option to the usual sugary, impulse drinks. It offers hydration and vitamins with the added benefit of 15g WPI. The 30g WPI BODIE’z Performance range is available in Chemist Warehouse nationally in berry and kiwi fruit flavours. The orange flavour, also available, includes 20g WPI plus guarana. This performance product range is recommended for consumption during and post-exercise to replace the usual intra workout and post workout drinks.

You can also find the BODIE’z range in select health food stores, leading Anytime Fitness clubs, gyms and online at with free shipping Australia-wide.