YBell Fitness has won a 2021 Women’s Health Fitness Award for its YBell® Neo as the Best Free Weights.

After 12 months of testing and reviewing more than 1000 exercise machines and fitness accessories, the editors of Women’s Health magazine, along with certified personal trainers, selected YBell among 75 products that are advancing the fitness industry with innovation.

As Editor-in-Chief Liz Plosser demonstrated the YBell Neo on NBC’s TODAY show, a top-rated national morning news and talk TV program, said:

“This is an awesome tool. You can do dumbbell, kettlebell, medicine ball, and push-up stand exercises with the YBell simply by switching your grip.”

Created by veteran Australian fitness trainer Aaron “Az” Laurence and professional industrial designer, Michael “Hop” Hoppe, the patented YBell is a 4-in-1 handheld training tool that facilitates dumbbell, kettlebell, dual-grip medicine ball, and push-up stand exercises for people of all abilities. The YBell Neo comes in weights from 4 to 12 kilograms; new in 2021 are the YBell Arc Series, with weights lighter than the Neo Series and the YBell Pro Series with heavier weights, ranging from 14 to 20 kilograms.

Mark Livingston, vice president, worldwide sales and marketing at YBell Fitness said:

“The one piece of equipment for Every Body – younger, older, beginner to elite athlete – the unique YBell saves exercisers and fitness facilities money and space with its versatility and award-winning design. After a tremendously successful first six months in the U.S. and fantastic growth around the world, we are excited to continue supporting exercisers and the industry with new, innovative offerings.”

Fitness enthusiasts can take advantage of the YBell App for instruction, workouts, and the opportunity to connect with the larger YBell community. The company’s accredited fitness education program, with online workshops and courses for trainers and fitness enthusiasts, offers continuing education credits from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and Fitness Australia. An accredited three-day master instructor course is also available.

Suitable for use at home, the gym and outside, the non-slip, non-rust neoprene YBells are available through international distributors and fitness retailers listed at www.ybellfitness.com.au. The company can create custom packages by request and sponsors an Affiliate and Ambassador program.

About YBell Fitness

YBell Fitness provides handheld exercise products, education programs, and content that allow users to perform more functional exercises, with less equipment, more economically. The YBell replaces the need for several pieces of equipment with one multi-purpose tool that does it all. Easy to use, the YBell is accessible for everyone from elite sporting teams and trainers to home exercisers. Education and programming include online introductory workshops and live trainer certifications, with exercise content available online and via the YBell App. With global HQ in Sydney, Australia; a U.S. office in Beverly Hills, California; and the European office in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, the company sells its award-winning design, patented, and patent-pending products direct-to-consumer and via U.S. dealers, international distributors, and regional retailers. YBell ® is a registered trademark of YBell Group Pty Limited in the United States and other countries.