Gyms around the world are set for a roaring recovery as they emerge from the pandemic, with fitness fans eager to get back to live workouts with friends.

Gyms around the world are set for a roaring recovery as they emerge from the pandemic, with fitness fans eager to get back to live workouts with friends. That’s according to a major new report that charts a global ‘live revival’, with fitness fans flocking to facilities for greater motivation and social connection after months of solitary home workouts.

Featuring insights from 12,157 consumers across five continents, the Les Mills 2021 Global Fitness Report explores how the pandemic has changed fitness habits and spotlights the trends that will shape workouts in years to come.

Download the free report and you’ll share in the key numbers, insights, and recommendations for achieving sustained success in the new age of fitness. Here’s a snapshot of two key trends the report covers:

  1. The human factor

With strong consumer demand for social connection driving the live revival, it’s somewhat inevitable that the people working in clubs will have a vital role to play.

Rockstar Instructors are identified as the single most important factor for gymgoers when choosing a live class, favoured by 28 per cent, ahead of the quality of music (24 per cent) and type of class (21 per cent). Quality Instructors are cited as a key component of the live revival, meeting strong consumer demand for added motivation and deeper connection in their workouts.

Having great people is particularly important for winning new members – 30 per cent of club prospects say “a good atmosphere” is a key factor in choosing a gym to join, while 59 per cent say staff are also a consideration.

Phillip Mills, Les Mills Founder and Executive Director, notes:

“Despite the digital advances made during the pandemic, it’s our people who drove members to join clubs in the first place, and as you’ll see in this report, it’s our people who are proving key to bringing them back.”

  1. The secret sauce

What’s the perfect blend of live and digital workouts in the new age of fitness? It’s a question taxing many club operators and one which the report sets out to answer through the latest data and examples of success from various markets.

Omni-channel fitness – a blend of in-gym and digital home workouts – is tipped to gain traction as we emerge from the pandemic, with the majority of exercisers (59 per cent) favoring a 60:40 split between gym and home workouts.

Far from being simple stop-gaps to tide the industry over during the COVID pandemic, live-stream and on-demand have become vital additions to clubs’ long-term digital offerings, with 80 per cent of members planning to continue using them post-pandemic. And though live fitness experiences remain the pinnacle, the digital fitness boom and the growth of home working mean today’s fitness consumers demand a connected fitness experience that offers convenience and enables them to maintain a more active lifestyle.

Seamlessly linking live and digital will be key to club success. High-class digital offerings can help clubs win new fans online, build brand affinity, and then eventually convert them to becoming full members of the club.

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