Brazil-based fitness chain Pratique has partnered with Motosumo to create an affordable at-home indoor cycling service. The response has been astonishing.

Pratique’s success lies in engagement. Their live-streamed, interactive classes have proved a massive hit, and Motosumo’s tech has made that possible.

The concept of at-home indoor cycling classes is nothing new. Smart home gyms are surging in popularity, and some of the bigger providers have been valued at billions of dollars. However, most of these industry giants target the luxury market. Brazilian chain Pratique is doing things differently. By leasing bikes at an affordable monthly price, they’ve made the smart home gym available to a whole new audience. The numbers are startling. In just a few short weeks, Pratique has received over 10,000 pre-orders, outselling big-name gyms by an enormous margin.

Harley Tadeu Madureira De Lima, director at Pratique, has been floored by the response:

“It has been overwhelming! In fact, the demand is so high that the manufacturers can’t make bikes fast enough.”

Given the current climate, Motosumo is thrilled but not surprised. Kresten Juel Jensen, CEO at Motosumo, said:

“Everyone is looking for low-cost ways to train with a community right now. So, this makes sense. Pratique designed an extremely professional and affordable service; it’s not an elitist thing. And our tech has made that possible. Because Motosumo measures data using a smartphone’s internal sensors, there’s no need for super expensive, high-end equipment. It works with any stationary bike. We’re literally the only app on Earth doing that.”

Another key component in Pratique’s success is engagement. Their live-streamed, interactive classes have proved a massive hit.

Kresten said:

“It comes down to creating an immersive experience. Not only does Pratique have excellent, dynamic instructors, they also understand the potential of things like gamification, high-quality live-streaming, music and aesthetics. Their classes are like a show, and ridiculously fun, too. All these things bring people together, maximizing their involvement in a workout. And that’s what Motosumo is all about.”

The success of such a venture could send shockwaves through an industry struggling in the post-quarantine landscape. Despite an uncertain future, Kresten insists that one thing is clear:

“At-home training and smart home gyms are here to stay. For traditional gyms umming and ahhing over whether to implement an at-home service as part of their membership, it shouldn’t be a question of if, but when.”

Harley agrees:

“It’s an excellent idea, and the prospects for this type of service are very promising. We truly believe that this will be the new normal across the world. Not just for indoor cycling, but for all types of group fitness. And the convenience of getting a gym-quality workout from home is going to inspire those who might have had reservations about joining an in-person class.”

Based in Copenhagen, Motosumo makes group fitness fun and inclusive with an app packed full of gamification features and advanced tech.

Using the sensors in smartphones, Motosumo provides analytics only found in expensive, high-end fitness equipment, which makes it a cheap and powerful instructor tool for any gym.

Fitness solutions needn’t be super serious and elite. We want group fitness to be about community. An enjoyable, welcoming space for users to compete, compare, and cooperate.

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