A coffee lover’s dream just got better!

There is no doubt that coffee is a staple for much of the Australian population, with research from Mccrindle reporting that 75% of Australians have at least one cup per day with 27% indicating that they cannot survive the day without it.

Further health trends suggest that 47% of Australians aim to eat more natural ingredients, 36% avoid artificial colours and the same amount avoid sugar. Superfoods have also been a topic of interest for the past few years.

Beforeyouspeak Coffee was on the money with these trends, with Queenslanders Jaryd Terkelsen and Ash Bisset launching their high performance and premium instant coffee brand in 2017. Today they have close to 1000 stockists Australia wide and are available across the US, NZ, Singapore and soon in Canada.

After much anticipation, Beforeyouspeak Coffee have just launched the first product in their Ready-To-Drink range, making it more convenient than ever to get your fix. The first product will be a Cold Press high performance coffee, with a sugar free caramel flavour to follow.

In addition to Cold Press Single Origin Columbian Arabica Coffee, the Ready-To-Drink will be infused with MCT oil, Siberian ginseng, green coffee bean extract, turmeric and black pepper to help you get the most out of every cup.

Jaryd says:

“Our idea was to add superfood infusions to instant coffee to maximize the benefits and improve an individuals health, wellbeing and performance.”

“At first the product really resonated with the fitness community due to the superfoods we included in the sachets. We then launched a collagen product in 2018 which allowed us to enter into the beauty space too”

“The RTD has been highly anticipated as people have been requesting it since we launched. We struggled to find the right contract manufacturer within Australia to produce Cold Press Ready-To-Drink cans so we decided to take matters into our own hands and begin brewing them in-house.”

“We are using a new Cold Press Technology for our coffee which is different from Cold Brew and is relatively new to the market. When compared to other brewing methods, Cold Press coffee yields a greater number of compounds in the liquid concentrate, meaning there is an explosion of flavour whilst having unparalleled smoothness.”

For more information: beforeyouspeakcoffee.com