Bodyo is a groundbreaking health and wellness solution, providing FREE analysis, enabling communities to take control of their health by monitoring and tracking their numbers and following personalised nutrition and fitness plans.

The revolutionary Bodyo pod will be unveiled at Dubai’s Arab Health Exhibition on 29 January until 1 February, where visitors will be able to step inside the futuristic health pod and track their blood pressure, blood sugar, fat mass, muscle mass, hydration, height and weight for free.

The pods are the first of their kind and will be rolled out to gyms, hospitals, pharmacies, malls and offices etc across Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, empowering communities to take charge of their health, prevent serious illnesses and lower health insurance, at a time when obesity has doubled; diabetes is a growing concern globally and physical activity rate has dropped.

Bodyo creator, Patrice Coutard, spent years analysing health and fitness stats in his role as UAE Soccer Team National Fitness Coach, and believes we could all benefit from a better knowledge of our own ‘numbers’.

He says: “We’ve all been there – we sign up to a gym and for two or three months, we workout regularly. But then we jump on the scales and we see that we’ve lost maybe one or two pounds, or we’ve even become heavier. That makes us lose our enthusiasm – what’s the point in all that hard work if it’s not making any difference and we stop going to the gym? But by analysing our figures we could see that our body fat has decreased, our muscle mass has increased and we’re far healthier than we were before.”

“Access to these statistics can motivate us, help us understand our bodies better and show us areas we need to improve. And more importantly, the statistics are delivered in a way that anybody can understand with a simple dashboard.”

The Bodyo App is free to download on your mobile from 29 January 2018.

Once you’ve created a profile, it takes the data from the Bodyo pod or Smart Devices and provides individually tailored solutions, suited to your body-type, lifestyle and health needs and helps you reach set goals. They include:

  • Online coaching
  • 400 pre-designed programs
  • Remote professional assistance from trainers, nutritionists and doctors
  • 200 tests
  • 300,000+ healthy meals catering to a variety of cultures
  • 3,000+ fitness exercises
  • Tracking your physical data, daily activities and sleeping patterns
  • Training based on interests, abilities and experiences with a virtual trainer
  • Monitoring your nutrition plan with online nutritionist
  • Monitoring sleep patterns and resting heart rate.

The app can connect to more than 50 wearable devices and is compatible with mobile phones, weighing scales, cholesterol meters, accelerometers, GPS Pulse Oxymeter and heart rate ECG Glucometers, etc.

It also sends messages and personalised reminders to keep you on track and connects you to likeminded individuals within the Bodyo community, with similar health and wellness goals.

Coaches, personal trainers, wellness and health professionals can transform their working lives, by using Bodyo to save time; handle large groups of clients/patients, oversee their training or nutrition remotely, create programmes and motivate them to reach their goals.

Bodyo is also crucial for corporates, with a sedentary, deskbased workforce who are often too busy to plan or prepare balanced diets or exercises. Bodyo can transform them into happier, healthier and more productive teams.