People. Change. Performance. This is the speciality of the new Leading Edge Business Consultancy (LEBC), founded by Executive Leader, Damien Bain.

And right now, almost every business in every industry needs help with the management of people, change and performance.

Leading Edge is a unique, highly specialised business consultancy that is dedicated to creating measurable outcomes of growth and success. This is achieved by combining experience, knowledge and passion to provide a tailored approach to business owners in any space.

Founder, Damien Bain explained of his new enterprise:

“I saw a gap in the marketplace where businesses need specialist expertise to grow, but they can’t or don’t want to incur the expense of hiring new staff. So I created Leading Edge Business Consultancy to support businesses to scale and streamline, while keeping things cost-effective and enjoyable!”

Bain is a highly experienced Executive Leader with 22+ years’ experience in multiple industries. He’s successfully managed portfolios in excess of 180 million dollars in revenue, and staffing of up to 1,200, and has a demonstrated history working in the health and leisure industries across both global and national footprints. Bain first started in the fitness industry as a health club owner in Melbourne and since then he’s managed the opening of more than 64 clubs for various brands across Australia, and has worked in a variety of roles with Fitness First, Genesis, Belgravia Leisure and many more.

“I’ve had my skin in the game for a long time and during which, I’ve acquired and refined a highly unique set of skills. In the past I’ve owned my own small business and I’ve worked with both global businesses and small operators to navigate all myriad of situations including start-ups, exits, building/growth strategies, multi-site expansions and liquidation.”

LEBC specialises in guiding business owners into their next phase; an offering that holds mass appeal for businesses in all industries, in this current COVID-impacted climate.

Bain said:

“Right now, business owners are hurting. They need strategies and assistance to get them through this extremely challenging phase, and they need a recovery plan to ensure they can not only survive this period but also rise to the top of their game.”

“Change can be really difficult for business owners to embrace, but with all that’s going on and continuing to develop in terms of the impact of COVID-19, it’s something they have to come to terms with and that they have to plan for; and that’s why Leading Edge specialises in helping business owners navigate uncomfortable spaces just like the one we’re all currently facing.”

“The good news is, it’s absolutely possible to recover from this situation and thrive – even, to come out performing more successfully than pre-pandemic times. It just requires access to the right expertise, knowledge and energy – and that’s where Leading Edge Business Consultancy comes in.”

“With adversity comes opportunity, but you need access to the right mindset and skillset to be able to identify it, seize it, and also to make the magic happen so that your business goals are achieved.”

Outside of the current economic climate, LEBC works with franchises, start-ups, standalone businesses and large corporations.

Bain adds:

“The benefit of Leading Edge is having a team with the expertise, experience and drive without having to commit to paying big Regional Manager salaries. Each proposal is tailored to suit you and your business’ needs, so it can be a once-off package for attaining a specific business outcome, or an ongoing partnership to executive multiple business objectives. We also have an extensive network of Partners that we can tap into, should your outcomes require additional support.”

To find out how Damien Bain and Leading Edge Business Consultancy can help you achieve your next level of success visit or contact Damien directly:

Ph: +61 414 738 461 | Email: | LinkedIn: @damien-bain-lebc