Learn to become a barefoot training specialist from the Evidence Based Fitness Academy & Naboso Australia

Are you interested in becoming an accredited barefoot training specialist?

The Evidence Based Fitness Academy together with Naboso Australia is proud to offer Australian fitness, movement and health experts the opportunity to participate in this ground-breaking two-day course.

The Barefoot Training Specialist Level 1 Certification sets the foundation for advanced concepts in barefoot activation, reflexive stabilisation and movement efficiency. With the foot as the only contact point between the body and the ground, this complex structure plays a critical role in the way in which our body stabilises during dynamic movement.

In the Level 1 Certification, get ready to explore how to prep the body for movement by tapping into the nervous system with barefoot science, foot-to-core sequencing and reflexive stability via fascial lines.

**Please note that all of the exercises and concepts of the BTS Program can be performed barefoot or in minimal shoes.**

Learning concepts include:

  • Foot-to-core sequencing via short foot
  • Introduction to foot & ankle anatomy & biomechanics
  • Open chain & closed chain foot assessments
  • Foot function & fascial lines
  • Barefoot before shod programming
    + more!

Course fee is $395 to $495. Full details at https://naboso.com.au/courses or to enrol click here.