Fitness Australia’s Keep on Moving Campaign.

With six-day lockdown restrictions coming into effect from midnight yesterday in South Australia, Fitness Australia is calling for the community to keep active at home and ensure they are continuing to exercise for their overall health and mental wellbeing as isolation takes hold.

With community safety as the number one priority, Fitness Australia continues to follow the guidelines set out by the South Australian Government but said continued exercise, was still vital for mental health and overall wellbeing during isolation regardless of the duration.

Fitness Australia CEO Barrie Elvish said it was still safe to exercise at home and within your property and virtual workouts were a great way to keep motivated and connected.

Mr Elvish said:

“Exercise is still safe, provided you are exercising at home. The vital role fitness and regular moderate activity has on our mental health and overall wellbeing cannot be underestimated, which is why continuing to be active during these worrying times can help with isolation, stress, anxiety and help support a person’s immune system.”

Our message is simple – it has never been more important to stay active to help keep our mental health in check.

Mr Elvish said Fitness Australia’s Keep on Moving campaign is a great place for South Australian’s to access a range of exercise and training options to keep active at home.

Mr Elvish said:

“Fitness Australia’s Keep on Moving campaign provides direct access to free and paid virtual workouts from Fitness Australia’s partners and members, as well as all the latest tips and information on keeping active.”

“With gyms and fitness facilities closed and recreational sports banned, the Keep on Moving website is a great place for people of all ages to access professional fitness guidance and training to ensure they can safely workout to remain active in the comfort of their own home.”

The role exercise plays in maintaining good mental health and wellbeing cannot be underestimated and governments need to keep a focus on promoting safe, frequent exercise according to Mr Elvish.

“Exercise helps us manage our mental health and anxiety during difficult times. We know calls to Beyond Blue and Lifeline support services have risen substantially during COVID-19.”

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