Fitness First launches a new brand platform, ‘Put Yourself First’ via Thinkerbell, to highlight the importance and benefits that come from finding the time to look after yourself and stay fit.

2020 was a physically and mentally exhausting year for everyone, with Australians struggling to find time to prioritise their own needs. Newly released research conducted by YouGov Galaxy has found that more than 60% of Australian’s believe they need to find more time for themselves to stay fit and healthy. Further, over half of all Australian’s agree that they need to find a way to sometimes put their own needs first, before others. This was especially true for parents of children under 12 with 83% of them saying they needed to look after themselves more. With many Australian’s finding it hard to find the time to put their own needs first the new brand platform aims to give Australian’s a gentle nudge, and permission, to start to ‘Put Yourself First’.

Matt Fletcher, head of brand strategy at Fitness First, said:

“At Fitness First we believe the real journey to fitness is both physical and mental. Inner-strength and resilience is just as important as physical training and healthy eating.

“Fitness First has clubs in convenient locations, 24/7 access, 1000’s of classes, world class facilities and leading personal trainers, to help our members put themselves first. We are determined to encourage people to look after their own needs, and ensure that people stay fit and healthy, especially as we are now living in such a challenging environment.”

Paul Swann, executive creative tinker at Thinkerbell, said:

“We challenged ourselves to develop a brand platform that promotes the benefits of exercise outside of the usual physical benefits, such as weight loss and muscle gain.

“The ‘Put Yourself First’ platform aims to celebrate it’s not selfish to take care of yourself and ultimately when you do, you can show up better for others.”

The work will roll-out across the entire gym experience and then into TV, online video, OOH, press, digital and social channels along with owned channels.