A new Corporate Employee Responsibility (CER) initiative uses a new digital health, fitness and wellness platform to keep workforces healthy, productive and engaged when they need it the most.

As work from home directives continue and team connection time is reduced, employee wellbeing has never been more important. The Fitness Playground is helping employers empower their employees to overcome working from home challenges by launching a first-of-its-kind Corporate Employee Responsibility (CER) initiative.

The CER program leverages a wide variety of Fitness Playground resources to improve employee wellbeing and mental clarity. This includes the recently launched Virtual Playground platform, which hosts more than 180 at-home workouts online, and an expert-driven program called Work From Home Safely (WFHs).

Founder of Fitness Playground, Justin Ashley, said the CER initiative uses the digital health, fitness, and wellness platform to keep workforces healthy, productive, and engaged when they need it most.

Mr Ashley said:

“In the current climate, with many companies fighting for survival, it’s the employees who are working hard to pull their businesses through – and it’s up to employers to proactively look after the physical and mental health of their teams.”

With Optus announcing that all call centre workers will be encouraged to work from home after the lockdown ends, talks of laws being introduced that make offering work from home mandatory in Germany, Mr Ashley believes that work from home culture is here to stay.

Although 88 per cent of employers have encouraged or required employees to work from home, we are yet to see many employers provide or pivot the support their employees need to adapt to the new working conditions.

Mr Ashley said:

“This new way of working eliminates activity and true social connections, and as a result, productivity, engagement, and mental health are at risk.”

The Black Dog Institute has reported doing no exercise increases the chance of developing depression by 44 per cent, with Beyond Blue also reporting a 30 per cent increase in mental health related calls since the lockdown, meaning there has never been a more important time to take care of the physical and mental health of our teams.

Mr Ashley said:

“Workplaces need to be incredibly proactive during this time to ensure that they are adequately looking after their employees and continuing to offer benefits to keep people productive and protect their wellbeing.”

“Most of our homes are not designed to be offices… our chairs are too high, the tables too low, and we’re already seeing increases in sore necks, backs, and behinds with a spike in stress-related fatigue.”

To address the needs of Australian workers, Fitness Playground have engaged a panel of experts in psychology, nutrition, mobility, chiropractic science, and created a program to support workers when they need it most.

The WFHS program is an expert-led seminar program touching on topics from mental health to spinal health and everything in between.

Physical and mental health has always been a part of The Fitness Playground ethos, and the CER program was created in response to a critical need from employers.

Mr Ashley added:

“It’s never been about exercising to look good for us, but instead, to feel good. The fitness industry should be here to support the health, community, education, and connection of all Australians, and that is more important than ever as we collectively battle this global health crisis.”

For information on a work from home wellness pricing and sign up information, visit thevirtualplayground.com.au/yourteam