Fitness Australia’s Relief Package for registered AusREPs and industry professionals due to the impact of COVID-19.

With your Fitness Australia AusREP registration not currently up to date, we’d love to help you get your registration credentials back during these trying times through our Relief Package.

Let us support you, along with the 30,000 others that we represent, as we continue to advocate for the fitness industry. We know that COVID-19 has impacted our members so let us lift some weight off your shoulders!

We’re committed to providing you relief during this time by offering free online education, significantly reduced and flexible payment options, and an amnesty period for CPR and First Aid requirements.

Plus you might not know that we created even more ways for you can gain CECs that don’t cost you any more time or money.
Our Relief Package additions include:
  • A significantly reduced registration rate of $195 rego for two years, normally $270.
  • Complimentary CECs now available in your dashboard, three courses with 6 CECs normally valued at $237.
  • An amnesty period for CPR and First Aid requirements if you need it until June 30.
  • A new option to renew your registration for 1 year at $125.

Learn more about the Relief Package or see the Frequently Asked Questions.