GYYMI has launched its app for Android smartphone users.

Gyms, Trainers and their clients using Android or iOS iPhones can now harness the immense power of GYYMI as a handy management tool for their fitness business.

With almost 18 million smartphone users in Australia, close to 45% use the Android operating system so it was a very important milestone for the GYYMI platform.


  • GYYMI is a unique fitness management system that connects trainers and their clients to flexible & affordable gym space throughout the fitness community.
  • GYYMI provides gyms with the ability to make extra income by offering available space to qualified trainers and their clients.
  • GYYMI introduces gym managers to highly qualified professional trainers.
  • GYYMI is a powerful tool to help gym and trainers take control of their businesses, manage their clients and earn more anytime, anywhere and on any phone.