Hammer Strength is adding to its portfolio of industry-leading machines with the launch of its new anaerobic training line, HD Performance Trainers.

Hammer Strength, the most trusted name in strength and conditioning, is adding to its portfolio of industry-leading machines with the launch of its new anaerobic training line, HD Performance Trainers.

Consisting of the HD Tread, HD Air Bike and HD SPARC, each piece has been designed to provide the toughest of workouts on its own, or a well-rounded dynamic workout when combined with other Hammer Strength performance equipment.

The HD Tread is a self-powered treadmill with a curved design for fast acceleration. The user is in complete control of sprint mechanics and belt speed, eliminating equipment interference to ensure the focus is solely on the athlete.

The HD Air Bike is designed to quickly raise or maintain the exerciser’s heart rate. Its unique adjustable AirGuard redirects air in a preferred direction and the multi-grip handlebar ensures ergonomic hand placement.

Completing the series is the HD SPARC, the ultimate performance trainer for explosiveness and power. Its unique high-knee position engages the glutes and muscles to create a downward-driving force for maximum training efficiency. Like the Air Bike, the SPARC is an excellent option for injury recovery or prevention, with no impact on an athlete’s joints.

JP Stockton, Hammer Strength Product Director said:

“At Hammer Strength, we’re known for redefining the performance experience for athletes, and the same knowledge and passion that’s applied to our traditional products has driven the design and capabilities of the HD Performance Trainers range.”

This new range brings elite-level performance training equipment to facilities around the world; from individual HIIT workouts to small group training settings. Clubs can gain an edge over the competition and engage new and existing members, whilst pushing them to a higher standard.

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