A cancer health scare brought into focus the Alkaline diet – eating and drinking predominantly alkaline food (salads, vegetables, non processed foods) over acidic (alcohols, Processed, take away food) to help your body heal itself and maintain better health more easily.

Water is something we all need so why not make it better? After much research HydraGo was born.

HydraGo offers a glass and Bamboo reusable water bottle with filter in base that takes tap water to PH 9+ for alkaline water anywhere all month long. Instead of buying plastic bottles from the shop which is costly and time consuming HydraGo will mean anyone can make their own Alkaline water from a regular tap at home or in the office.

Filters last a full month which provides a low cost way to access high quality water anytime for an extremely reasonable price anyone can afford (currently $10 per filter each month).

Not only preventing the ingestion of micro plastic but also overcoming the contribution towards single use plastic in our daily lives.

The benefits of Alkaline water include:

  • Better and faster hydration with greater hydrogen to oxygen content
  • Greater oxidation reducing potential which leads to better detoxification and health
  • Supporting better immune system, weight loss and improved ageing
  • Quicker exercise recovering with
  • Improved blood viscosity post workout
  • Supports body’s ability to prevent disease and maintain healthy balance

To learn more visit www.hydrago.co