Safe online workouts are vital for whole community.

Fitness Australia is calling for the Victorian Government to apply common sense and allow Melbourne personal trainers access to their place of work to safely film digital content to ensure people have access to a variety of safe exercise options while in lockdown.

CEO Barrie Elvish said during national gym closures thousands of Australians turned to online personal training, live streaming of classes and fitness videos to ensure they could keep active in isolation. He said it was time for the Victorian Government to allow this to happen during the current Stage 4 Lockdown.

Mr Elvish said:

“Gyms and personal trainers need to be allowed to safely create digital content for the benefit of their members and the broader community. Exercise is critical for our immune function and physical and mental wellbeing.”

“People are looking for ways to keep active in isolation and digital workouts are the ideal way for people to keep in touch with their personal trainer or participate in a virtual group class.

“The government is encouraging the community to continue exercising. However, at the same time it is making it impossible for Melbourne personal trainers to film in a studio that has a professional set up, access to equipment and is engaging for clients or for people to participate in any form of exercise conducted by a qualified professional.”

Melbourne-based MFW Fitness Studio Founder and Head Trainer, Pia Therese, said the government needed to recognise the essential service the fitness industry provided in helping support mental health and wellbeing.

Miss Therese said:

“On one hand we are being told to keep exercising yet as a registered Personal Trainer and business owner I’m not even allowed to access my own studio to film online training, with no-one else present on the premises. How is this fair when retailers are still allowed, under Stage 4 Restrictions, to go to their premises to fulfil online orders? What sort of message is the Government really sending to the public about what is important right now?”

“The health and safety of everyone across Melbourne and Victoria is very important, which is why having access to safe and professional training to keep active should also be allowed.”

Mr Elvish said governments and health authorities needed to understand the vital role registered and qualified personal trainers have in helping combat and preventing other long-term health issues.

Mr Elvish said:

“Many people in our community turn to exercise to help with a range of health conditions including anxiety, rehabilitation, injury recovery as well as it being a preventative measure for long-term health and wellbeing.  Without access to their trainer many people will relapse or even hurt themselves trying to train on their own without qualified supervision.”

“This especially applies to Personal Trainers who often work with clients presenting with special needs and/or mental health issues. Protecting and managing mental health during this uncertain and concerning time is essential.”