Infinite Cycle launches with Brand Ambassador Anna Heinrich

Fitness fans, gym junkies and exercise enthusiasts alike are set to spin out as the latest global trend lands in Australia. Infinite Cycle made its mark with Australian TV, fashion and fitness icon Anna Heinrich, introducing the brand and starring as the face of its launch campaign.

Representing the latest and most advanced development in the global indoor cycling innovation trend, Infinite Cycle is powered by the market-leading technology of the RealRyder indoor bikes, which, combined with immersive virtual reality technology, are set to transform Australians’ exercise and leisure routines.

The bikes are exclusive in Australia to Infinite Cycle and offer a unique, dynamic experience, allowing riders to turn, tilt and lean as they ride, keeping in sync both with the high definition virtual course ahead of them and the pumping tunes around them. This creates a ride like no other, transporting riders from the friendly and fun studios to breathtaking and exhilarating virtual cycling tours whilst burning 20% more calories than a regular spin class. Participants can track their progress after each session with a personalised data read-out measuring their performance and outcomes.

Infinite Cycle Founders Alan Sacharowitz and Dani Carr, explain:

“We’re extremely passionate about health and wellbeing and innovation. When you come to Infinite Cycle and immerse yourself in this virtual world, cycling on a bike like no other and seeing your own avatar cruise, sprint or race your peers on the screens in front of you, you’ll fall in love with this workout. Whether you want to join the pack in our Tour class, lead from the front in our Sprint class or bust a move in our Dance class, it’s time to take those training wheels off and go for the ride of your life!”

Anna Heinrich, Ambassador for Infinite Cycle, states:

“I’m thrilled to be part of the Infinite Cycle Team. The Dance session is definitely my favourite, I didn’t want it to end. It’s perfect for everyone from passionate cycling enthusiasts to people just looking for a high energy class to complement their broader exercise regimes.”

Sydney’s CBD (247 Pitt St) and Waterloo (1037 Bourke St) will host the first two Infinite Cycle studios, with additional sites set to be announced in the coming months across Australia’s East Coast.

You can sign up to Infinite Cycle’s member database via and follow Infinite Cycle’s social pages via @infinitecycleaus for updates on site openings, special ride offers, session times, and more!