Fitness Australia and Belgravia Health and Leisure Group recognise contributors to healthy communities.

Non‐fitness industries formally recognised as key contributors to healthier communities, by Belgravia Health and Leisure Group and Fitness Australia.

Non‐traditional recreational activities will be formally recognised as key contributors to better fitness outcomes, thanks to Belgravia Health and Leisure Group’s new Fitness Australia membership, the peak fitness industry association.

Belgravia Health and Leisure Group’s General Manager Corporate Services, Alex Lord, was proud to announce the Group’s aquatic, sports and leisure facilities will benefit from the new membership agreement, in the same way as the Group’s fitness businesses, Genesis Fitness, Belgravia Leisure and Coaching Zone.

“More than 4,500 staff and 160,000 members at Belgravia Health and Leisure Group’s 150 swimming centres, sports stadiums, golf courses, health clubs and fitness franchises across Australia will benefit from our Fitness Australia membership agreement,” he said. “We believe it is important that Australians understand the important role all recreational activities outside of the gym have in the pursuit of personal health and wellbeing.”

Belgravia Health and Leisure Group’s workforce will have access to specialist industry training, career development and professional services, and members will have access to better private health fund rebates where applicable.

“Depending on a member’s health insurer, they could be entitled to a rebate not only for a gym membership, but also a golf or swim membership,” Mr Lord said.

Belgravia Health and Leisure Group’s independent business owners (IBOs) and franchisees now have access to Fitness Australia’s industry leading business management and recruitment resources, including a new‐look online Business Hub and podcasts, to grow their businesses and inspire their local staff.

CEO of Fitness Australia Bill Moore welcomes Belgravia Health and Leisure Group as a business member and applauds their commitment to quality, standards and best practice that underpins the peak national fitness body.

“We are delighted to build closer ties with such a significant industry player as Belgravia Health and Leisure Group and look forward to providing support and representation to the group,” adds Moore. “We believe their membership shows enormous foresight and leadership with their proactive participation in the industry changing issues that face all fitness and leisure businesses.”

About Belgravia Health and Leisure Group:

Belgravia Health and Leisure Group’s is part of the Belgravia Group, an Australian owned and operated private group of companies. Starting in 1990, Belgravia Health and Leisure Group owns Belgravia Leisure, Genesis Fitness, Coaching Zone, Ninja Park and Novo Fit.

About Belgravia Leisure:

Working in partnership with Government, not for profit and the commercial sector, Belgravia Leisure has a strong track record of delivering diverse, accessible and affordable health and wellness services across Australia and New Zealand. Currently partnering with more than 40 Local and State Government authorities, Belgravia Leisure manages over 120 swim, sports, fitness, health and wellness and leisure facilities. The Australian company is an NDIS registered provider, offering innovative sports coaching and fitness programs under this funding model.

About Genesis Fitness:

Genesis Fitness has been inspiring healthier communities for 20 years, and is one of Australia’s most recognised fitness club chains which attributes a culture of community and inclusion to its two decades of success. With 40 clubs nationally, Genesis Fitness is a household name and a long-standing franchise network with over 60,000 members. Genesis Fitness offers life-changing business opportunities to those who are passionate about health and wellbeing.

About Coaching Zone:

Coaching Zone is a specialised group personal training program combining training and coaching, and is run in an exclusive footprint inside a fitness facility. The latest technology and training techniques take the guesswork out of achieving results. A range of 45-minute workouts are offered, all of which are followed by 15 minutes of coaching to review members’ progress. An online meal planning portal, social events and community atmosphere makes Coaching Zone a welcoming and encouraging training experience for its members. After two years of research and development, Coaching Zone was launched in March 2016 and in less than two years, is now active in about 20 Genesis Fitness and Belgravia Leisure sites across Australia with another 15 sites earmarked for launch. In 2018, Coaching Zone will be launching as an independent franchise opportunity, providing a cost effective entry for people looking to become a business owner in the fitness industry.

Ninja Parc:

Belgravia Group is proud to be a joint venture owner of the Ninja Parc master franchise, which was launched in Newcastle, NSW in 2016. There are four ways to enjoy the Parc: casual play, coaching, parties and corporate bookings, and races (including national race meets). These indoor obstacle courses attract adults and children of all fitness levels and are a fun way of getting active, opening up fitness opportunities to new markets.

About Fitness Australia:

Fitness Australia is the national peak fitness industry association, and exists to empower over 24,000 AusREPs and 3,000 fitness business owners to engage more Australians in quality health and fitness services.