And that’s exactly the thinking behind Intelligent Cycling powered by Wexer, a revolutionary new system that uses AI to deliver a unique, and uniquely motivating, member experience in every class.

These immersive cycling classes use futuristic on-screen footage – footage that directly correlates with the intensity of the workout – to motivate participants. But what’s special about Intelligent Cycling is that the workouts are designed by a club’s instructors, for that club’s members.

Members therefore know they’re getting a workout that’s tailored to their requirements, not a generic ‘catch all’ programme designed by a remote head office. They also have a chance to take part in classes designed by their favourite instructor, which boosts the wow factor and drives adherence.

Another exciting USP for Intelligent Cycling is that there’s infinite scope for the creation of new classes at any point – and crucially, every on-screen journey is different, meaning there’s no risk of boredom setting in for members.

Instructors log in to a password-protected portal to build their own workouts. They choose the intervals and intensity they want for their class; Intelligent Cycling then uses AI to overlay appropriate footage, creating a so-called ‘journey’ – an on-screen route that travels through futuristic virtual worlds of water, air and space, all perfectly synced to the intensity of the workout.

This journey is uploaded into the Wexer Player for seamless delivery into the studio, ready for the instructor to use as a highly motivational backdrop to their live class. It’s the perfect marriage of live instruction and virtual entertainment, adding a whole new dimension to live classes.

And if a member can’t make it to the live class, that’s fine. The workout itself – the intervals and intensity that sit behind the journey – are stored in the system, accessible at any point as an on-demand class. Even better, each and every time that workout is called upon – whether by an instructor or a member – Intelligent Cycling overlays new footage to ensure every single class experience is different, fresh… unique.

Wexer CEO Paul Bowman says:

“Intelligent Cycling powered by Wexer represents an exciting new way to enhance the member experience, and with it member retention: constantly fresh, engaging workouts that harness the power of influencers – the very people who drive loyalty to a club – all delivered reliably and seamlessly by Wexer’s market-leading technology.”

About Wexer 

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