Sports Dietitians Australia launches the SDA Nutrition Kitchen space!

We know you must be super excited to celebrate and welcome the return of sport (as are we!) but might we add, how excited we are to be announcing the launch of our new SDA Nutrition Kitchen space!

The SDA Nutrition Kitchen will be stocked with all of your basic and super staples, including; SDA Member Cooking video’s, downloadable recipes as well as links to Factsheets and resources.

This space will continue to grow (like your isolation fermentation experiments!) and we look forward to bringing to all ages and abilities, the best sports nutrition has to offer from a practical perspective from our experts in Sports Nutrition.

Click here to view the resources in our first topic ‘Fuelling frontline workers!’

To celebrate and welcome the launch, download the savoury muffin video and cook with our very own SDA President and Advanced Sports Dietitian Simone Austin, and learn how to keep well fuelled and in full health on the frontline – whether that’s work, study, looking after your family, supporting your exercise regimes and or return to GYM! Don’t forget to ‘Go easy!’

Keep your eyes peeled for new content within the SDA Nutrition Kitchen – and as always, we welcome and appreciate any feedback, and are happy to consider the development of any sports nutrition related content to assist your individual or team sports nutrition needs.

Please email  for further information.