In a bid to unite for a fitter planet, qualified Les Mills Instructors and Trainees are being encouraged to get together with other qualified Les Mills Instructors to participate in Q4.2020 eWorkshops as a team.

Every quarter, Les Mills Asia Pacific delivers Workshops for qualified Les Mills Instructors and Trainees to experience and learn the Quarterly Releases, and access the new music and choreography. In Quarter 4, the eWorkshops are being delivered on 28th and 29th November with Education sessions being live-streamed on 5th and 6th December.

Last quarter, in Western Australia, Group Fitness Manager at Lords of Subiaco, Suzi Quartermain (known as “Suzi Q”), gathered her qualified Les Mills Instructors in the one place, so they could enjoy Les Mills Asia Pacific’s Q3 eWorkshops as a united team.

Suzi explained of her eWorkshops experience from Quarter 3:

“At Lords we live-streamed the RPM® masterclass to our club cycle room and we invited all our RPM instructors to register and then come along to do the class as a group. The opportunity to bring our Instructors together was a unique team-building exercise. They felt connected and reinvigorated in the intimate environment of our own gym. The energy during the class was heightened, and everyone really enjoyed the positive experience. The best part was the opportunity to talk about the Release afterwards; its highlights, how it made us feel, and play with some ideas for our upcoming launch.”

Across the ocean, The Fit Club in Bali also invited their Instructors to unite onsite, to enjoy participating in the eWorkshops together. The advantage of doing so meant the team could make the most of the equipment and the studio’s professional sound system including audio speakers and big screens. The mirrors in the studio also enabled them to assess their own techniques while learning from the presenters and other Instructors.

One instructor said:

“The energy is much different compared to if we were doing it alone. After each session, the team would sit together to discuss the highlights of the new Release, and after each Education session they would also hold further discussions. We see this as a good way to keep everyone updated on skills and information. Being a small boutique club, it can be hard for us to send instructors out for live Quarterly Workshops at times, so this was a really effective and efficient way for us.”

In locations where group gatherings are permitted, qualified Les Mills Instructors are encouraged to speak with the Club where they teach, to see if other qualified Les Mills Instructors can unite and enjoy the live-streamed eWorkshops onsite together. The full schedule, presenter line-up and online registrations are available at

If you’re not yet a qualified Les Mills Instructor but would like to be, so you too can attend future eWorkshops, visit