Life Fitness sets superior benchmark for the greatest ride performance.

This new standard in power training promises performance, authenticity and connectivity.

Inspired by the movement of road cycling, triathlon and athletic-performance training, the IC8 is a high performance indoor power trainer for serious riders and all athletes in commercial facilities and at home! With greater power accuracy and wattage than any other indoor trainer in the market today, the IC8 delivers superior results.

Endorsed by elite cycling coaches

Iconic cycling coach and expert Hunter Allen says, “If you’re a cyclist, and you want to improve, this is your indoor trainer. Team ICG’s passion and dedication to riding indoors is incredible and felt every time I’m clipped into the pedals. The IC8 is the ‘HALO’ of indoor Power bikes. Ride after ride, you can unconditionally trust in the accuracy of it’s Power Meter, feel the precision in its german engineering, and quite simply enjoy all the magic of it’s amazing computer. ICG’s first step into the sport of professional cycling is a giant one and Peaks Coaching Group and I are along for the ride”.

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