Mel Tempest‘s podcast is designed to support gym owners to achieve even more success.

Mel Tempest is a fitness business influencer and independent health club owner. Her skillset is current, on-trend, hands-on, in-demand, and in the NOW!

Mel specialises in fitness technology, social media, business coaching, innovative thinking, and setting up a boutique fitness business within a health club.

Her primary goal is to get more health club owners embracing innovation and achieving even more success.

While Mel’s guests have included high profile industry icons such as Thomas Plummer, Mel also believes in interviewing successful people who aren’t necessarily situated up the top of the corporate fitness business ladder; she feels we can all gain valuable education and knowledge from everyone!
Upcoming guests include:
  • Scott Mckenzie – Fitness Lawyer
  • Mike Beeney – MYZONE
  • Robert Dyer & Michael Mantell (panel podcast).

Mel’s Fitness Business Podcast is the latest offering in her extensive suite of resources for business owners. Since launching just three months ago, the podcast has had 17,000 hits and is available via Stitcher, iTunes, Podbean and Amazon.