Danish group fitness app Motosumo has just announced the release of a new 3D game in its latest update.

The game is designed for indoor cycling workouts and can be launched from the app by users with instructor rights. It divides participants into two teams and pits them against each other in a pedal-pounding race through a lush 3D landscape.

The game screen is accessed through a web browser, which means that participants don’t even have to be in the same room to join in. In fact, the game is already proving a huge hit with clients across the world who have been hosting livestream workouts using Motosumo HomeTeam during the COVID-19 lockdowns.

CEO and co-founder, Kresten Juel Jensen, believes that this kind of connected experience is more important than ever.

Jensen said:

“The world is going through a tough time right now. So, anything that brings us together in a fun and positive way has to be a good thing.”

Kresten also believes that features like these will be invaluable for gyms struggling to adapt in the current climate:

“Lots of gyms are still closed, and there is a big fear in the industry that members won’t come back after the lockdowns are over. Moving forward, gyms will have to include home workouts in their subscription packages. These kinds of games and features will really help them to stand out and deliver a unique, fun, and convenient service.”

The release is the latest step in Motosumo’s mission to bring gamification to the world of group fitness.

Jensen said:

“It’s a simple concept. Working out is hard, but playing games is fun. By combining the two, we’ve seen a real transformation in the group fitness experience. People interact with each other more, they push themselves harder, and generally have more fulfilling and enjoyable sessions. It’s like a cheat code for working out.”

For now, the game can only be used in indoor cycling workouts, but Motosumo is working on a version for all other group fitness workouts.

The game is now available in the latest update and can be accessed by users with instructor accounts.

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