The latest good news story coming out of COVID comes from Infinite Cycle, Australia’s largest indoor cycling franchise.

With the Infinite Cycle brand going from strength to strength, The Group has bolstered their personal by moving Matt Nissen into the Group Chief Operating Officer role in addition to welcoming Mel Tempest into the growing IC family.

Tempest says:

“The technology that underpins the Infinite Cycle business is really unique, so I’m excited to be part of its development and to assist in getting it out into the marketplace.”

Current clubs can create the Infinite model within their clubs yet at the same time savvy entrepreneurs and investors have an opportunity to get in first with stand-alone boutiques.

Nissen says:

“Coming out of the COVID lockdowns, there’s a massive opportunity for people to reconnect. It feels like society has had an enormous reset and people are focusing more on their personal needs, health and mental wellbeing, which is a focus we specialise in, here at Infinite. The team have been working diligently with new products ready to launch including InfiniteNutrition and our very own IC Bike for all @home riders.”

InfiniteNutrition is just one of the many value-adds that will be launching in the coming months, these will offer this through the franchise network to assist in attracting and retaining IC members by offering them more within the Infinite ‘Ecosystem’.

The group currently has six studios operating, with an additional six locations sold, and an ever-growing pipeline thanks to our relentless search for future sites. A key differentiator is the fact that an InfiniteCycle studio can either be a standalone boutique, or work within an existing large, big box facility.

Infinite Cycle is Australia’s only virtual cycle studios with responsive, leaning bikes teamed with state-of-the-art technology. Using the highest quality, most innovative products, and expertise from around the globe, Infinite Cycle offers the most immersive cycle experience on the market and one of the most exciting fitness franchise options on the market.

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