The winner of Fernwood Fitness Franchisee of the Year 2021 has been announced – congratulations to Fernwood Fitness Tuggeranong owner Donna Lee!

A valued member of the Fernwood Fitness community for more than 14 years, Donna was commended by her peers and Fernwood’s Managing Director Diana Williams for her innovative nature, business mindset, motivation to assist others, revenue growth and profitability, and brand buy-in and promotion.

Donna started her time with Fernwood 14 years ago, before purchasing the Fernwood Fitness Tuggeranong club as her own four years later. Diana congratulated Donna on her well-deserved accolade, commending her for exceeding revenue growth and profitability during a rollercoaster 18 months within Australia’s bricks and mortar fitness industry.

Diana said:

“Our franchisees are at the heart of everything we do, and even after the past two years of chaos, they continue to demonstrate their steadfast commitment to women’s health and wellbeing and the Fernwood Fitness brand.”

“Donna is well-deserving of this highly coveted award, and I will always remember the look of pure shock on her face as we read out her name. I know Donna is unwavering in her commitment to her club and the network, always ready and willing to lend a hand and offer guidance to her peers.

“Donna is such a valued member of our community, and I am so pleased to announce her as our winner of the Fernwood Fitness Franchisee of the year for 2021. Congratulations, Donna.”

Donna received her award at Fernwood Fitness’s 2021 Conference – held digitally this year – thanking her team, her daughters, peers and the Fernwood Fitness community for selecting her as this year’s Fernwood Franchisee of the Year.

Donna said:

“I felt very honoured to win this award; the calibre of the finalist was very high with so many great franchisees in the network. Knowing the past winners of this award makes it even more special as I have watched so many franchisees be crowned Franchisee of the Year and they are people I respect and admire.”

“It is very special to be involved in a business that truly has a huge positive impact on so many people’s lives. Every week, I hear stories from our members and staff on how Fernwood has changed their lives for the better and also the flow on effect to their families. To be a part of this journey is very rewarding  and I feel privileged.

“I also need to mention that working with the team at the club is also a huge positive. The team at Fernwood Fitness Tuggeranong is like a big loving, supportive family and going to work and hanging out with the team is fun and very rewarding. I need to thank my family and friends for all their support over the years especially my daughters Ashlee and Sophie.”

 When asked for her top tips for achieving success in business, Donna listed passion, hard work and surrounding yourself with ardent staff who believe in the club’s vision – empowering women to shine, while also believing in your business and mission.

Donna said:

Hands down, the number one thing I love most about owning a Fernwood Fitness club is that we are doing good in this world and providing an environment that supports women in a holistic way – not only physically (strong and fit), but mentally and emotionally as well.”