Find out how you can objectively measure your individual sales people’s performance.

The Three Lessons We Have Learned Are:

  1. People still want to join gyms.
  2. As with most industries, the fitness industry is losing some great sales people and so we have a wave of new people undergoing sales training – including learning on the job!
  3. When we know current sales data, it makes hitting targets, budgets and bonuses a science not a guess!

As a former gym owner, the sales data we collected was like the dashboard on my car.  It told me everything I needed to know to ensure my business was moving forward.  Your sales dashboard should include the following:

  • Number of enquiries – you could break this down to calls, emails, messenger messages, walk in’s.
  • Number of these enquiries that converted to a booked tour – ideally break them down to each of the 4 types of enquiries
  • Show ratio of your tours
  • Number of tours you conduct
  • Number of sales you make
  • Conversion of your tour to member

Knowing this data is a non-negotiable in sales management.  You can collect this data manually or we’d encourage you to look at or chat with Liv.

When you have this data, you can dive deeper.  This top line information will allow you to see the strengths and weaknesses of your system:

  1. You may have a poor conversion from enquiry to tour because you are not connecting with your prospect on a personal level.
  2. You may have a high conversion from enquiry to tour but the show up ratio is poor; this would indicate your salesperson is not building a relationship with the prospect to the extent they want to come in and see the club (and meet them).
  3. A poor conversion of tour to sale can be a multitude of reasons potentially we are not creating enough value in the solution to the prospect’s pain point.
  4. A great conversion of tour to sale but then the new member cancels quickly or just stops coming, again a multitude of reasons but quite possibly they joined based on an offered discount not on the value of the results.

Wouldn’t it be useful to know WHY on all these scenarios?
You can: Start Mystery Shopping your Business.

From our mystery shopping results in 2021

  • Salespeople are simply too scripted. They follow a checklist or the order of questions that are taught and consequently lose the ability to really connect with the prospect.  They are focusing on scripting and not having a conversation with the person in front of them.
  • Our mystery shoppers felt those taking incoming call enquiries lacked personality, had a check list of information they had to tick off and struggled to have a real conversation with them. The result is poor closing, wasted leads and owner frustration.
  • On the tours, mystery shoppers unanimously agree that the majority of tours were not personalised. One shopper even said, “It was like they never heard what I wanted or needed and took me on their tour of the gym.”

Knowing this type of information will transform your business, give perfect direction for sales training and increase job satisfaction and you can personalise your sales people’s growth path.

Benchmark Your Sales Performance Now

The year begins to wind down on the calendar and yet business continues!  Now is the perfect time to benchmark your sales performance and set standards for 2022.

If you have a salesperson who has been in the role 3 months or less, measure their performance and that becomes the benchmark for all salespeople in their first 90 days.  You then do the same for the rest of your sales team based on how long they have been in the job.  You now have clear performance standards based on experience levels.

Mystery shopping will allow you to set these standards – qualitatively and quantitively.

Remember this is an investment in developing your sales team, processes, and business!

Are You Outside Of Australia?

There may not be the equivalent of exactly what we do in your country.  We are sure there will be local mystery shopping companies that can help you or if not, you can do it yourself.

If you need some help setting up the evaluation forms for your business, please drop Lisa an email and we will help you out.

We can even work with you to tailor your own evaluation forms.  If we do this between now and the end of the year it is just USD149.  Contact Lisa to start building your evaluation forms.

For Our Aussies

We are the only company in Australia that solely mystery shops gyms every month! Conducting over 100 calls and 30 visits a month, we are helping owners and managers clearly identify why their ratios are great or poor.

Additionally, we help them to identify where they need to train their team – giving them even greater return on investment with sales training consultancy.

We know we can help you . . . we know you’ll benefit . . . we know your staff will learn so much . . . and we know mystery shopping is the most important element in closing more sales.

Let us show you Aussies with our Benchmark Package.

We have a great package to help you experience mystery shopping and to give you an idea of how well your sales team operate.  The Benchmark Package includes a comprehensive report on:

  • 1 mystery in-coming call;
  • 1 mystery walk in; and
  • 1 ESP – a call to an appointment to follow up
  • All of this for just $495.

Click Here Australian Owners & Managers To Grab Your Benchmark Package ~ valid until 1st March 2022 ~

Finally . . . What We DO Know

  • Some owners embrace information regarding their salespeople and processes.  They are the ones that have the higher closing rates and make more sales.
  • Some owners think about how they’ll get the closing rates or more sales.
  • Finally, there are owners that just hope they will hit the numbers they need to hit.
  • You have the choice – do nothing (and don’t expect any changes) or drill deep into what happens when a prospect comes into your business to ensure a lead is never wasted again!
  • Looking forward to working with you!

If you have more questions, chat with Lisa on 0407 667 447.