Introducing a completely new workout which is set to totally revolutionise the way Aussie females hone their bodies – P.volve!

Created by celebrity trainer, Stephen Pasterino, P.volve is a low-impact, prehab workout method compromised of slow and controlled sculpting movements to transform your body without stressing or bulking your muscles; it is the opposite of a gruelling, sweat-dripping HIIT workout. The workout reduces bulk in the thighs, opens up the hips and creates a peachy and perky, lifted butt – with NO squats, lunges or crunches. Rather, the moves replicate functional motions to help enhance your everyday life – think stepping patterns, stretch-inspired moves and reaches.

P.volve currently has a NYC studio, in the US, and an online streaming platform with 150+ workoutsLaunching into Australia is P.volve’s online streaming platform, so us Aussies can get a slice of the fitness action too.