This month, Crunch Fitness has partnered with Optimum Nutrition to offer 30 lucky Crunch Fitness members the opportunity to win a Lifetime Crunch Membership and an Optimum Nutrition Whey and Pre-Workout Pack valued at $8,000*.

Active Nation Day

To win the prize, participants will have to row the furthest amount of metres in one minute – with unlimited attempts! There will be two lucky winners from each gym throughout Victoria and New South Wales – one female and one male.

Throughout the month of September, Crunch Fitness will also be offering samples of Optimum Nutrition’s Essential Amino Energy to members – a supplement that aims to enhance performance, deliver maximum energy and help with muscle recovery. Members who participate in the Rowing Challenge will receive a FREE Optimum Nutrition Care Pack with Optimum Nutrition sachets and a free gym towel! These care packs, as well as the Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy tubs, will be handed out to Crunch Fitness members for kicking their fitness goals throughout the challenge.

The competition ends on 30 September 2019, so for members who are interested in participating, ask for the daily time slots at your local gym’s reception desk and get rowing!

To find out more details about the challenge visit

*Terms and conditions apply