The New High-Intensity Interval Training Console from Precor as Easy as 1-2-3

In direct response to the growing shift towards one of the top training trends in the industry today, leading fitness supplier and manufacturer Precor has launched the P30i Interval Console, a unique console, specifically designed for high-intensity interval training (H.I.I.T) on the Precor 700 Line treadmill (TRM 731).

Voted one of the Top 3 Fitness Trends in 2017 by the ACSM Health and Fitness Journal®, facilities are looking to help members incorporate H.I.I.T into their workouts.

The introduction of the P30i console on the 700 Line treadmill gives operators the ability to incorporate small-group interval training in their facility and provide exercisers with a ‘get-on-and-go’ workout experience.

Designed with an easily programmable training platform for alternating periods of short, intense aerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods, the interval intensity can be changed quickly with one-touch speed keys that adjust between 1 and 12 mph and incline keys that adjust between 0 and 15%, allowing exercisers to dynamically adapt their training at any time during the workout.

For added convenience, three speed and incline interval settings give exercisers the ability to program low, medium, and high intensity workouts. Exercisers can simply concentrate on their workout as the three settings keys allow for an easy transition to each of the saved speed and incline levels.

Additional console readouts include pace, distance, heart rate, and time. A workout graph keeps exercisers motivated by showing interval intensity incrementing every 30 seconds.

Whether instructor-led or on their own, exercisers can also integrate non-treadmill interval activities. By hitting the pause button, the treadmill will default to a three minute pause time and initiates a countdown, providing the exerciser time to perform body weight or resistance exercises off the treadmill.

Adam Hubbard, Director of Product Management at Precor, said:

“Interval training on treadmills is all about dynamic changes between speed and incline, and the pace at which transitions can occur is a vital component. The new P30i console commands the treadmill to operate smoothly between these transitions. As the console is so easy to use, operators have more versatility to offer H.I.I.T to exercisers working out on their own or offer small-group interval training classes.”