Relive the brand new vibe by Precor from The Fitness Show 2018.

Relive the brand-new vibe Precor debuted at the 2018 Fitness Show at the ICC, Darling Harbour, Sydney. From new equipment, smart product innovations, new finishes and upholstery selections, to the best-in-class group training and networked fitness solutions.

To provide operators a cohesive choice across the range we have updated the colourways of our cardiovascular products.

The bold Black Pearl is also available as a frame option for our strength products, along with three new upholstery colours.

When it comes to HIIT workouts, your members require equipment that is going to push them to obtain maximum results from their maximum efforts – Introducing the new Assault AirBike and AirRunner.

The unique networked fitness solution, Preva®, is continually growing in its capabilities.

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