Driven by member and consumer demand, Step into Life launched HiiT sessions as a stand-alone program. Members can now integrate the popular session into their weekly routine.

Greg Shilo is a dual-venue operator from Step into Life Heidelberg and Ivanhoe. Of the new HiiT session offering, he says:

“Previously HiiT sessions have been built into our annualised training calendar as a periodic program to create all-round fitness conditioning for our members.”

“Fitness experts know that bodies get stronger in the recovery period after the workout, not during it. At Step into Life, we alternate periods of low, moderate and high-intensity exercise to ensure that our members properly recover, minimise injury and achieve their fitness goals.”

HIIT workouts have been gaining rapid popularity for several years because people love HiiT for a number of reasons. Firstly, it’s an effective fat loss session due to its short, intense bursts of exercise that will significantly increase your metabolic rate for hours after completing your workout.

Secondly, these types of session are completed in around 30 minutes (excluding warm-up and cool down), so it’s a quick. Everyone is time poor, so more and more people are integrating a quick and intense session into their weekly workout, rather than have no exercise at all.

Thirdly, HiiT is an adaptable training style that maximises diversity. It can be adjusted to your desired duration and applied to any type of training format. For example it can be done with or without equipment, in a specific training style like boxing or strength and the interval length can be altered to modify the overall intensity of a workout to suit fitness capabilities.

HIIT is a convenient, effective exercise option to help you achieve your fitness goals and take a big step toward cardio health.

“Step into Life members have loved our HiiT sessions for many years and we are evolving to meet fitness trends and consumer expectations as well as provide greater choice for preferred training formats” adds Greg.

Step into Life provides group personal training in the beautiful outdoors.  We have helped tens of thousands of Australians and New Zealander’s create a healthier version of themselves through fun, fitness, friendship and fresh air that makes members “feel great!”

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